Friday, June 5, 2009

Ebony & Ivory

I just love this look! Estelle's image is impeccable from head to toe. In any picture or video, I have seen, her hair is ALWAYS on point. I just love this dress. Black and white is so amazing, when it is asymetrical. There are so many ways to go outside of the box, with black and white. Honestly, as a child, I hated it! These were the choir staple colors. However, as I have gotten more wise (lol)...these colors are so classic, timeless, chic and wonderful together. She did not really go outside the box, with any accents of color (lemon, cherry, kiwi, etc.). Of course, those colors would have made the look more dramatic and this dress already pops. Ebony & Ivory can be worn from season to season. The Giuseppe's below would also give the look a little edge. I just love it!


Giuseppe $900

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