Sunday, May 31, 2009

Popcorn Fashion @ the MTV Movie Awards

The 2009 MTV Movie Awards are finished and my primary interest focused on STYLE. There were some fabulous looks and others just bombed (in my opinion). In other words, some were on and poppin. be the judge.

Taraji looks great! Her hair is always styled to perfection. She is working the pose and check out the shoes!

This dress actually reminds me of when my Prom dress was being made. Um, the day of the Prom, it was almost finished. Like, um, I was partially safety pinned into the dress and using the restroom was eventful.

I believe Tyrese thought that he was going to the Country Music Awards. I mean...really. Dark Chocolate just totally disappointed me, from a style perspective.

When I look at this picture, I am thinking about the conversation between her and her stylist. "Okay, let's try the bracelet...great! I think this belt would make the dress...pop. Yes, it looks so nice." No, either the belt or the bracelet. I am not impressed with the mismatched metal. This clutch is a bit too much; however, the shoes are fierce! I probably would have stopped at the belt and shoes, if there were no other options.

Date in the City

President and Mrs. Obama had a date in New York City, this weekend. It was the President's first time in NYC, since making history on January 20th. I am loving the look that Michelle Obama is giving her husband. The bangles on her wrist and the "royal-ty" blue clutch definitely show her sense of style. The splash of color adds charm to the black dress. The smoky eye and chignon are timeless. Mr. President kept it simple and left the tie at the White House. They look amazing!

Have you seen Halle, lately?

Halle is rocking her vintage cut and it still rocks! It's classic, chic, edgy and fun. I am thrilled that she removed the fusion weave. The close-up, waxed strands were not cute. She is back and apparently....brought the freakness, along. Halle and Jamie happened to be attending a Spike TV event, this weekend and....well...check it out!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Peek at Fall '09

Chains, platforms, asymetrical designs, suede, leather, fur, etc. Fall is such an amazing season. I believe that an individuals true fashion sense is reflective in Fall/Winter. A person can instantly be labeled as stylish or not....during the Fall/Winter season. It is too warm, hot and sticky in the Spring/Summer seasons. People are more concerned about removing, than wearing, articles of clothing. Do not get me wrong, all of the seasons are amazing. However, style....authentic style, is seen in the cooler months. Freedom of expression and layers enable unlimited options.

Nicholas Kirkwood

Manolo Blahnik

Vera Wang

Louis Vuitton



Photos: Courtesy of style