Sunday, August 28, 2011

n2image: Beyonce *MTV 2011 VMA's*

Have you heard the news? Beyonce is expecting! Yes, she is pregnant! This dress is absolutely gorgeous. The color is magnificent and the material drapes her well, in all of the right places. She looks comfortable and elegant. Great look!


n2image: Zoe *MTV 2011 VMA's*

I am not understanding this look. This is a sample of what goes wrong, when a stylist does not get it. Zoe is beautiful and these shoes DO NOT go with this dress! Out of all of the shoes that could have been chosen....why these? The pattern of these shoes actually downgrades the embellishment of this mini. Right dress, wrong shoes! Zoe, if YOU are the Stylist...please hire a Stylist.

Zoe Saldana

n2image: Demi *MTV 2011 VMA's*

What I like most about this look, is the matching shoes paired with the dress. The pattern is quite busy and any other color may have caused a fashion disaster. She has just enough cleavage above (chest) and below (toes), to give this look a "Go."

Demi Lovato

n2image: Britney *MTV 2011 VMA's*

Britney Spears wore a black Moschino number and Gina booties. The sequined black outfit could have passed without the black belt. This belt does not go with the outfit, at all! It should either be the same texture or at the minimum, lose the minitature gold buckle. Plus, it is amazing how a pair of shoes can either upgrade or downgrade a look.