Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buns and Tails

What is the fascination about the chignon (Buns) and ponytails (Tails)? Honestly, I am a huge fan. I could wear a chignon, everyday and I have...for the past 8 years! I love it! It's quick, convenient, chic and stylish. Obviously, I am not the only fan of "Buns and Tails." I counted 26 random "Buns and Tails," within 10 minutes today. Why? I, for no apparent reason at all, decided to get a haircut. I just wanted a change and really did not feel like wearing the bun, another day. Do I miss it? Not yet. On the other hand, I am sure to let my hair grow out. I have been down this road, several times. Once it becomes long enough....I am certain to join the "Buns and Tails" club.

Lucy Liu

Tyra Banks

Katharine McPhee

Janet Jackson

Cate Blanchett

Photos: Courtesy of eleganthairstyles

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